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Central City Museum Pt. 2

Slowly flutterin his eyes, open, Flash groaned weakly. His head was ringing like the bells of Notre Dame and his stomach didn't seemed like it was going to hold his lunch all too well.

He tried to move but soon found that he was bound to a pole with a series of cables, ropes, and wires.


A shattered mirror that had lain on the ground was the only thing that he could catch his own reflection in. He had something-- a band on his head with blinking lights?

Oh boy-- this really couldn't be good.

Flash's head turned, trying to see if he could take otice to the other two kids that were here. He knew Inertia was near, but what of the other girl? Were they okay?

His eyes, filled with panic, tried to look for signs of life. "Inertia--?" he whispered. He hoped he was close and was alive to hear him.

Flash's beaten and exhuasted form was quickly shadowed.

Looks like Dark Matter came back to play.
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"Here," Thaddeus whispered back. "Lilian? Are you...?"

The clone closed his mouth with a snap as Dark Matter returned.

Lilian didn't answer, so either she was still unconcious, or she had escaped.

He really hoped she'd escaped. She might just be their only hope.

That was not a comforting thought.
Flash struggled with his bindings, trying not to move in such a way that his movement couldn't be heard. "I don't think she's here." he said, looking back over in the direction of where the voice was coming from. He still couldn't see Inertia's form.

Hearing the foot steps he too, closed his mouth. The last thing he wanted to do was piss off the super villain.

Knealing down, Dark Matter gave the two a sadistic smile. "I just wanted to come back to check on my two favorite guests!" he chuckled. "I do hope you two are comfortable, beccause I have something to show you!"

Pulling out a small remote control he pointed it off to the direction of a piece of the museum's still standing wall and watched as a projected image formed. A pre-made movie, starring none other than Dark Matter himself.

"You see, boys. It's been far too long since I've made any sort of dent in society and I wanted to make sure I returned with a BANG.

"So far...." he motioned around to the distruction that was caused earlier. "...so good."

The movie continued to play. He seemed to have been pretty busy while the two were out cold. Dark Matter had already captured clips from the evening news to enhance his own footage. "With each breath that these people take, poison is filling their lungs. Funny thing is, as rescue teams try to help the wounded and sick, they too will be dropping dead in the process.

"I've released a toxin into the air that will SPREAD throughout Central City. That's primimarily what the whole booming incident earlier was about."

Dark Matter turned to the still standing rock collection. "Of course, the rocks were unharmed, but that's beside the point." he grinned.

Shutting off the presentation, he turned to the two. "Though, my question remains... with you speedsters all tied up and no place to go-- what ARE you going to do to save your precious city??"
"You know... you really talk to much." Inertia said calmly. "Like something out of a really bad spy movie or something."

'Did I ever talk that much?' he wondered to himself.

"And really, are we the only superheroes around here? Your plan is so simple, it almost makes my brain hurt." He snorted derisivly.
"Super hero? YOU?" he chuckled. "Surely you jest? Someone of your stature?" That, if anything, was truely funny to the man.

"It's made to be simple, oh Green-One. Nothing complex about it--"
The entire time while Dark Matter continued to mumble and carry on with his long winded speach, Flash secretly vibrated out of his bondings. He was exhuasted, but he had to push on.

Moving at such a velocity that turned himself invisable, he silently stayed hidden. He hopped, if Thaddeus could see what he was doing, that he would follow suit.

'I hope he can wiggle out of his bonds.' he thought to himself, keeping his molecules constantly moving. 'Don't know how long I can keep this up for.'

An element of surprise was needed.
Thaddeus Thawne smiled.

Had anyone been paying attention, they might have noticed that his smile was very similar to Bart's when he was about to play a particularly funny joke (at least, funny to him). It was a smiled that had been known to make Max very worried.

"Okay. I'm not a hero yet."

He vibrated free and ran straight at Dark Matter.

"But kicking your ass will be a good start, I think."
Dark Matter turned quickly to notice that Flash was pretty much NOT where he had him tied up before. "What hell--!?"

He growled and ran backward to take a quick look for him.

However, failed in his efforts, he went flying into a load of crushed brick. "Aw-- thant's IT." he hissed. His hands shot up and two enormus fireballs errupted and he lundged them straight at Inertia's body.
Flash grunted silently as he suddenly dashed out to push Inertia from the way of the flames. He had a feeling if he skidded around it, it would have caused an even bigger reaction than what he was aiming for. He knew that their static electricty generated when running could pose as a possible hazard.

He turned back to Ineria, but didn't get a chance to open his mouth to speak before he saw a wall of fire racing after them. He took off, and spoke as he ran. "Wegottamakehimtobelikeacandle--!" he breathed, jumping over a fallen pile of rubble. "Yieldhisoxygenhe'llfall! Gottacontainhim--

"Go find a glass display case. I'll keep him busy."

Inertia nodded and dashed off. Glass display case. Right. He could do this.

Was this all there was to being a superhero? This was easy.

Okay, so maybe the fireball thing wasn't so easy, but he could have handled it.

Now, where...

"Ah! This should do it!" Inertia grabbed one of the display cases carefully. "Yes, this should do nicely."
Keeping his eye on Dark Matter at all times, Flash continued to dodge and duck and weave out of his line of fire. "You've got lousy aim!" he heckled with a grin.

He looked over his shoulder C'mon, Inertia-- Got him just about where we need him.

Thaddeus returned with the display case, carring it carefully. It would not do for the glass to break...

even if he didn't really have a clue what the Flash was up to. Yet.
Seeing Thaddeus's return, Flash zoomed over and came to a screeching hault in front of him. "Awesome job." he praised, picking up the case.

Damn the thing was heavy. He was actually straining to lift it. His muscles jut weren't working well up to par for some reason or another.

'Don't let me drop this...' he thought silently. "This shouldn't take long." he told Inertia as he sped off and plopped the case right ontop of of Dark Matter, incasing him inside.

He took a seat ontop of the case to weight it down and motioned Inertia to come over and do the same.

"You should be smiling, Matter! weren't you always dreaming of always being on display?"

Dark Matter's head tilited upward, his eyes following. "What the hell is this--!?!?" he bellowed, panting.

This couldn't be happening. Not now, not today!

His eyes narrowed as his hands errupted into flames and went to desperately trying to weaken the casing by creating a weak spot.

He waited a second before pounding his fist into the glass, but winced hard as his fist collided with the side and didn't shatter. Instead? He got a broken hand.

With eye twitching, his hands lit up once again, but watched in shock as the flames.... fizzled out. "Wuh-- what?"
"Ah, I see." Inertia said from his seat atop the display case. "I'd stop trying to do that, if I were you. Of course, if I were you, I'd have thought this out much better and wouldn't be in this mess."

He almost grinned.

"But were I you and currently in your situation, I'd just settle down and wait. Unless you don't actually need to breath at all. You know, that could make for an interesting experiment..."
"That's not superheroy behavior, Teddy." Lilian said weakly, peering around a corner. She'd just spent what felt like an eternity creeping through the museum with Batgirl and Robin, and now she was officially feeling like the biggest idiot ever. She stepped cautiously into the room.

"So, my cunning plan of running around like a chicken with her head cut off was totally not needed, and I've made myself look like a giant idiot for no reason?" she asked, letting out a little groan.
Cassandra looked from Lilian to the Flash and... what had Lilian called him? Teddy.

The two did not look injured. In fact, they seemed to have everything under control, unlike Dark Matter.
Flash just smiled back down to Dark Matter and gave him a satisfied and yet tired grin. "No oxygen..." he tapped on the glass, trying to give the guy an informal answer of what just happened. "...no fire."

He pulled out his communicator and put in a call to the local PD to let them know who they had waiting for him.

Upon hearing the voice, Flash turned to see the second speedster. After getting a good loook at her, he still had no idea who he was. Except that her mannerisms and Thaddeus's seemed hauntingly similar.

Flash blinked, taking notice to the sketchy shadow behind her. Who was--?

He hopped down and walked over. "Batgirl....?"

"Who Lilian is now looking like the biggest fool in front of." Inertia snickered, getting off the case. "Bravo."

Lilian gave Thaddeus a look that anyone who had siblings would have recognized as one that immidiatly preceded rug burns and noogies. "You're welcome," she said bitterly. "Robin's somewhere around here too."

"Oh..." Thaddeus said, still snickering. "This is just too much. Really."
"Flash." Cassandra said with a small nod. "Everything is under control?" She eyed the two teen speedsters, recognizing that Inertia was likely to soon be on the receving end of a beating, and not wanting to be involved at all.
Flash was entirely surprised to see Batgirl there. He wasn't even sure of who was coming in and out of his city anymore. Not that he minded.

He was just surprised.

"Yeah. Everything's taken care of. Just a little drained." he smirked.

As he looked up, he took notice to the approching uniformed officers. "He's all yours." he said, thumbing to Dark Matter. He was just glad the fiasco was over.

"Thanks Inertia." he gave a slight wave. "Lil."

He turned back to Cassandra. "I'm heading back. Gunna go get something to eat. I'm famished." he winked before disappearing into the night.
"Grife, I feel like a fool..." Lilian muttered, running a hand over her face. "And I swear to God, Teddy, if you say one more word, I'm going to hurt you. Badly. Because you need to sleep, and I know where you do it."

"What are you going to do, exactly? Run around like a twit?"

Let it never be said that Inertia was stupid. He ran for it almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth.
"Yeah-those sounded like words Bart would say." I noted, a light grin on my face, while appearing from the shadows.

I'd been there for quite some time, watching the others do their thing; I would've jumped in, but saw that Flash had everything well in hand.

"Good to see you're doing well, Flash." I added, even if he'd already done his disappearing act.

"Ready to head back?" I asked Cassandra calmly, a patient look on my face, the grin still there.
Cassandra nodded, noting that Lilian had taken off in hot persuit of Thaddeus. She had already decided that whatever the girl did, it wasn't likely to be too serious.

Silently as a shadow, she left the Central City Museum