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Spice Up My Day ((open))

"Gaah!" Kara In-Ze yelled out as she slipped on a puddle right outside of her apartment in Keystone City. What the hell had ever happened to superhuman reflexes, she asked herself as she brushed her gleaming blonde bangs out of her eerily clear blue eyes. Kara stood up, dusting off her tight blue jeans and white mini-blazer, glad for being Argosian. At least falling down didn't hurt her. Her clothes weren't wet either, but that was only because she had missed the puddle by mere centimeters.

Tossing her hair over her shoulder, Kara started walking again, trying to find something to do with herself. She had been unusually quiet lately, but that was only because she had started going to school nearby. Kara wanted more from life than just being Supergirl - and eventually Superwoman. She wanted a career of sorts. What sort of a career, she wasn't too sure, but she figured she'd start out by majoring in English, and working her way up from there. Being a writer could be interesting, after all.

But she was off of school today, and honestly, Kara wanted something interesting to happen. Anything interesting to happen. She wanted to spice up her life.

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I blinked a few times behind my mask at seeing this Supergirl, Kara In-Ze, slip on a puddle. I thought the S-team was known for their super abilities and whatnot. It had certainly been thrown in my face a ton of times by Conner.

I'd come by Keystone to visit Bart for a while, but there wasn't anything in the rule book that said I couldn't take time out to visit an old friend. Skillfully making my way from rooftop to rooftop, I watched as Kara made her way down the street, curious as to where she was heading, and if the occasional super-villain decided to pop up, see if she needed any assistance. A thought came across my mind while leaping from the previous rooftop to the next:

"I haven't shown Kara my new costume yet-then again, I haven't been in Keystone that often lately. I wonder what she'd think of it..."
Kara halted mid-step as the hair on the back of her neck prickled just a little bit. She heard a very familiar heartbeat up above on the rooftop of the building she was next to. Rolling her eyes Kara - who didn't really care about having a secret identity anymore - floated up into the air, coming up across Robin...this world's the costume of her world's Robin?

This city just kept getting weirder and weirder.

"Tim," Kara said, eyebrow raised. "Are you protecting me, or are you merely checking me out?"
"The former." I replied, a light grin crossing my face. "I tried doing the latter, I'd get severe bruises-and, not just from you."

I laughed a bit, then stopped; the last thing I needed was an angry Girl of Steel-or an angry Amazon-on my tail.

"Anyway, I was on my way to visit a friend when I saw you and your little debacle with the puddle. Figured you could use some company for a while. Also, I updated my costume for the new year-you know, the whole 'Out with the Old, In with the New' deal? What do you think?"
"It's...a lot more somber than your older one," Kara said as she floated onto the rooftop, landing in front of the Teen Wonder. "Less...bright. Are you trying to make some sort of a statement?" Kara asked. Granted, she had changed her costume recently as well, but her change was for reasons due to fashion. Kara cracked a smile after a moment. "And don't worry. Clark wouldn't have kicked your butt for checking me out. Flash might have though..." Kara added mysteriously. "So...Keystone. Is it homebase from now on? Because I know Batman's in town too. Who's watching Gotham?"
"You don't think red is bright?" I asked, the grin still on my face.

"And, as for a statement...I guess you could say that I had it changed to prove that Robin's going to make a name for himself-beyond what others already perceive him as.

"I didn't mean Superman, Kara, but yeah-wasn't gonna try anything in Flash's hometown."

I allowed my grin to turn into a small smirk.

"Batman comes by Keystone periodically; he protects Gotham with an iron fist. And, as I said, I'm just here to visit a friend. Mentioned him to you once-Kid Flash?"
"The littler speedster. Yeah. I think you've brought him up a couple of times," Kara said, grinning. "Is he as cute as his non-Kid counterpart?" she asked slyly, ruffling her blonde hair a little bit. "Not that I'd trade mine in. Wally's...perfect is the key word here," Kara added, happily. "Though I haven't seen him in awhile..." Kara shrugged. "In any case, I am loving the statement you're making. Don't tell me you're thinking about a new codename too, though?"
"In his own way, yeah-Bart's like Wally, but with a few differences." I noted calmly.

"Thanks. Nope-still gonna go by Robin. That's not gonna change."
"Thank Rao! You have no idea how lame calling yourself something like Red Robin would be," Kara said to her friend. "So, any action going on around here, because all I've done the past few nights is stop some muggings - including one where a man stole candy from a baby." Kara smirked. "Never thought I'd live to see the day when something that lame would actually happen," Kara shrugged.
Anyone who's spent much time around speedsters begins to recognize certain things.

Like how the water can spray up very high and very fast when they run through, say, a puddle.

For just a moment, a nearby puddle sprayed high... then again, then a third time.

Bart came to a stop, wiping water out of his eyes and scowling. Something red and wet was dripping off his hair.

Then he noticed Robin and Supergirl.
I was seconds away from responding to Kara's question before I noticed a certain speedster clothed in yellow below us.

"That's truly lame...but, as to your question about anything other than muggings, you could always ask my friend in a few seconds."

To prove my point, Bart ended up right next to us only 2.2 seconds later. A light smirk crossed my face.
"You saw them, right? They just came right through here and then they disappeared! They'redrivingmenuts!" Bart ran his hands through his hair and looked at the red stained result, scowling furiously. "Inertia's henchwoman threw a cherry slurpy at me!"
"I'm sorry, In-who-sha?" Kara asked, shooting Kid Flash a look up and down. Cute, but possibly a couple of years younger than Kara. Not that Kara was looking.

She reached over his head and took some of the cherry flavored liquid on her finger, licking it off. Oddly tasty.

"What's going on, Kid?"
"He said 'Inertia.' Must be one of the Flash's major heavies around Keystone. You'll probably meet this individual, if you stay around here long enough." I replied calmly, slightly amused at seeing Kara taking a bit of the cherry flavored liquid onto her finger and licking it off.

"Sorry, Bart-we haven't seen anyone else here besides you. What's going on?"
"I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that this Inertia person is a speed-based villain?" Kara asked, realizing that these superheroes - from other Earths it would seem - clearly had villains that didn't even exist in her own.

Oh, this was going to be weird.

"What's their evil plan, Bart?"
"Inertia," Bart said, "is my evil clone. And he's planning... something. I don't know what. Yet." He wiped the cherry slurpy on his hands off on his chest. "So far, it seems to involve driving me insane. And he's got a henchwoman now who's also and speedster. Might be another clone or something."
"Just great. That's the last thing we need around here-another clone." I noted, a cynical tone to my voice, yet I knew Bart heard the joking tone; Kara, with her superhearing, probably sensed it instantly.

"Need any help bringing this Inertia down, Bart? When one Titan's in trouble, another has to help out."
Kara looked at Robin oddly. There was a bit of...bitterness, was it? - in his tone. She made a mental note to ask him about it later before turning back to Bart. "So, I'm not a Teen Titan, but I want in on this action," Kara said. She held up her finger to indicate she'd be back in a moment, and sped off. She appeared four seconds later dressed in her Supergirl costume, her short red cape billowing in the breeze. "So, how do we bring the freak down?"
"Hmm...four seconds." I noted calmly, a light smirk on my face while looking over toward Bart, a second or so after Kara had sped off, then reappeared in full Supergirl garb.

"If you weren't in your suit already, think you could beat her time, Bart?"

Even as I said the joking remark, I was already trying to figure out how to stop someone who could run as fast as the Flashes.
"Easy." Bart said with a little shrug. "But I keep my suit on me all the time." He stared up at the sky. "I really appriciate the help, Supergirl. With you and Robin..." There was just a hint of a smile. Not his usual No-Holds-Barred grin, but something a bit more serious, and one that meant trouble for Inertia.

"We need to slow them down. Get them stuck in a corner, like... like getting them stuck in tar or something." He looked at his fellow heroes. "But first we need to find them. Which looks to be the tricky part."
"Exactly. Not to mention that Inertia runs as fast as you do...if not faster." I replied calmly, a look of thought across my face.

"Think we'd be able to get tar poured over most of Keystone's streets? That would definitely slow Inertia down. Problem is, it would slow you down too, Bart."
"Yeah...I'm going to take a stand and say tar? Not so good. I'm also going to take a second stand and say, anything inspired by Scooby Doo? Also not so good. What's this Inyuasha guy's usual MO?"
"Inertia." Bart corrected automatically. "This would be easy if it were Inuyasha. Then all we'd have to do is track down Kagome and get her to say 'sit'. And what he usually tries to do is get me and my friends killed. Last time he kidnapped me and fooled everyone into thinking he was me, and almost killed Max."

Bart thought. It didn't take long. "Hey... Supergirl... can you do that heat vision thing?"
"Not that hard to track down Kagome, Bart." I noted, a faint smirk on my face. "Conner and I have been to Japan; we all went to Japan once during our Young Justice days when we teamed up with Spyboy and co.

My smirk grew slightly at hearing Bart's question.

" you want her to cause damage to most of the city? Shouldn't she save that for Inertia-or Inuyasha?"
Kara shook her head. "No, I think I understand what Bart is getting at. He wants me to scout for Intertia from up high, and once I see him, melt the ground under him and around him so that he's trapped in it. I think? Bart...?"
"Exactly!" Bart said, clearly pleased.


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