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In Darkness We Meet

So apparently the word on the street is that Flash abandoned his hometown.

Of course, being the smarter of the bunch I know this isn't true. Though the lack of seeing the Scarlet and Gold has got me wondering--

Where the hell is he?

I was talking with Axel the other day and he kept telling me about this Clown Girl who showed up a while ago and they've basically been getting away with some small-time acts.

Year. WEIRD.

And what's weirder? No Flash. My monitering systems haven't even so much as blinked within the last few weeks. It's weird.

I've noticed a lot of traffic coming in and out of all ports running through the city. Even have noticed a few visitors that shouldn't be here.

This is my turff and I don't take kindly to strangers coming in and busting the place up. I know who belongs in this City, I know who doesn't.I may not be a superhero, but I keep my eyes peeled.

This city is as much as MINE as his.

Standing atop an abandoned apartment building, I lean over the edge. A foot proped up on the edge, overlooking the grimy streets below. The streetlight's hazey glow cascaded against the rusty silver of the trashcans that lined the street.

Through the darkness I could notice a figure with a gilded outline standing tall... Bold.

And speaking of someone who doesn't belong here--

"Long way from home, aren't we, Deathstroke?"
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