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new girl in town (open)

Jenni Ognats weaved between buildings at a low altitude. Like her cousin Bart, she came from the future. There, she was known as XS. She was looking for a certain red-costumed hero.

<"If you don't quit writhing and complaining, I'm going to drop you. And it may or may not be on purpose."> she had to use both hands to keep a grip on Inertia. Her power wasn't super-strength after all.

<"Hey, you speak Interlac. Must be from the future too. Where are you from?"> She looked down. There were red white lights zooming this way and that. Every sign was lit up. It was easy to get distracted.

Where there are heroes, there are villians. Villians like to come out at night. Flash oughta be out here somewhere fighting someone. I could fly faster if I wasn't carrying all this weight. He weighs the same as Bart. Who in their right mind would want to clone Bart?
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