Wally (lightning_quick) wrote in keystone_city,

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To the Rescue....?

"Pssst..." Wally's eyes searched through the darkness, his hands roaming around for a light-switch. His return hadn't had been as hasty as he had hoped for, but he was back in his own neck of the wood which had to account for something.

"Ted--? I was able to stir up that compound for ya-- are.... you here?"

He silently hoped that Ted decided to stay put and not run out while he was out and about.
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"Still here," Ted mumbled; he hadn't budged an inch since Wally had left, having kept the blanket around himself and trying to rest.

But it was impossible when he was... well, scared. He sounded a bit relieved that Wally was back.

Unfortunately for him, one of his prime fears as of late was being left alone. And yet ironically, he chose to move out from Wally's, for whatever reason he had.

Hadn't been a smart move on his part.
Brandishing the needle, Wally uncapped it to show Ted. "It'll only hurt for about a second-- but I want you to be aware of what I'm doing, okay?"

The last thing he wanted was him freaking out.

"You still real cold? I could go get you one of my sweaters... it'll keep you warm."