Leonard (and whoever else is here too) (the_rogues) wrote in keystone_city,
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Tornado for the Twin Cities

Atop one of the highest buildings in Keystone City stood an over eager, Mark Mardon. He chuckled absently as he flicked his wrist to wave his wand in the night's chilled air.

There was chaos to be had. And this was the start of it.

However, in order to "get the ball bouncin'" he needed to stir up a bit of a distraction.

Mardon's eyes glittered with energy that completely surrounded his body, lifting him effortlessly into the air.

The suddenly cloudless sky was soon coming together rapidly, the clouds graying-- thunder booming throughout the city.

With a second wave of his wand, he pointed it at the Central City Bridge, that could be seen off int he distance


Lightning struck, most definitly sending a few panic cars into a panic.

The wind swirled as a violently a growing tornado suddenly touched down.

This was all about attention. And he was determined to leave a message.
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