Leonard (and whoever else is here too) (the_rogues) wrote in keystone_city,
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Rockin' the Rock Exhibit

A sudden explosion rips across Central City in the dead of night. The Central City Science Museum was suddenly ripped to shreds by a powerful explosion that took out a good square section of the block. The explosion? Charged with the help of necular radiation.

The only part of the museaum that remained completely in tact was, in fact the museum's vast collection of rocks.

A dark looming figure grinned from behind a lead ski-mask.

"Only rocks." he cooed, petting the glass.

Hearing sirens in the wake of the night, Dark Matter's eyes glowed mensingly and walked back to the detination point of where he orginally set his bomb.

"Come you fools." he snickered. "Spend five minutes on this soil and see how well ya fair."

Could this be the event that was forecasted by the Weather Wizard earlier?

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