The Evil Twin (evilflashtwins) wrote in keystone_city,
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Holding Out for a Hero

Lilian Allen was scared.

This was not something that she was used to. She had super-powers, after all. And she was usually with someone who knew what the hell they were doing and could keep calm during a crisis.

But not tonight.

Tonight, she'd just seen the Flash and Inertia brought down by... someone.

'I really should have paid more attention to Daddy when he'd talk about the Rogues,' she thought as she ran.

Running, she knew, was the best thing she could have done. If that thing could take down people with actual experiance, just think of what it could have done to her! And then nobody would know that Wally and Teddy were in trouble, so she had to find help RIGHT NOW and get them there to save them because if she didn't they might...

... die.

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