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Central City Museum Pt. 2

Slowly flutterin his eyes, open, Flash groaned weakly. His head was ringing like the bells of Notre Dame and his stomach didn't seemed like it was going to hold his lunch all too well.

He tried to move but soon found that he was bound to a pole with a series of cables, ropes, and wires.


A shattered mirror that had lain on the ground was the only thing that he could catch his own reflection in. He had something-- a band on his head with blinking lights?

Oh boy-- this really couldn't be good.

Flash's head turned, trying to see if he could take otice to the other two kids that were here. He knew Inertia was near, but what of the other girl? Were they okay?

His eyes, filled with panic, tried to look for signs of life. "Inertia--?" he whispered. He hoped he was close and was alive to hear him.

Flash's beaten and exhuasted form was quickly shadowed.

Looks like Dark Matter came back to play.
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