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Trip to the Joke Shop

Two am in the morning, the streets of Keystone were pretty much barren. No life on the streets-- except for the very few scattered patrons that were making their ways to their cars after spending the entire evening in the bar.

Quickly ducking behind a dumpster so as not to be seen, Axel's head perked up to make sure the coast was clear before he made his way forward.

"Just a few trinkets and I should be stocked up for the next month."

He pulled a lockpick from his oversized shirt and made his way to the back door of the Joke Shop. As soon as he stuck his pick int he lock he found the door was... already unlocked-- and opened for that matter.

He stood by it curiously and scratched his head.

Strange. He shrugged it off and opened the door and made his way inside. If the shop owner was inside then-- well, that was okay. He could always tie him up and took what he needed and left.

Making his way to the front of the store he took notice to another's form bent over, checking something out.

Now WHY didn't this look right to him? And why would anyone be trying to steal from a Joke shop?? That was HIS gig!

Axel raised an eyebrow. Maybe he could give 'em a scare. "Somethin' tells me yer not supposed to be here. Now DROP the rubber chicken and get outta my shop." he hissed.
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