Supergirl (girl_of_steel) wrote in keystone_city,

Spice Up My Day ((open))

"Gaah!" Kara In-Ze yelled out as she slipped on a puddle right outside of her apartment in Keystone City. What the hell had ever happened to superhuman reflexes, she asked herself as she brushed her gleaming blonde bangs out of her eerily clear blue eyes. Kara stood up, dusting off her tight blue jeans and white mini-blazer, glad for being Argosian. At least falling down didn't hurt her. Her clothes weren't wet either, but that was only because she had missed the puddle by mere centimeters.

Tossing her hair over her shoulder, Kara started walking again, trying to find something to do with herself. She had been unusually quiet lately, but that was only because she had started going to school nearby. Kara wanted more from life than just being Supergirl - and eventually Superwoman. She wanted a career of sorts. What sort of a career, she wasn't too sure, but she figured she'd start out by majoring in English, and working her way up from there. Being a writer could be interesting, after all.

But she was off of school today, and honestly, Kara wanted something interesting to happen. Anything interesting to happen. She wanted to spice up her life.

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