Wally (lightning_quick) wrote in keystone_city,

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Bar Time!

It wasn't everyday that Wally often pulled in people from other dimensions to have buddy-to-buddy chats with.

'Hope this won't get me in trouble with the inter-dimenaion police.' he silently thought to himself.

In regular clothes, he motioned to a taller, blonde man to follow him into Keystone's Local pup. "I'm tellin' ya, Ollie. It's like Cheers in here. You come in? Everybody knows your name. It's crazy."

He gave him a slight grin and pushed the pub's doors open..

Almost as if on cue the bartender and a few of the folks over at the bar looked up and smiled, waving almost in unison, drinks waving about.

"Wally--! Nice t' see ya buddy!"

A dark haired woman wearing silver hoop earrings turned on her stool and gave a grin to the new comer. "Who's yer friend here. Mr. West? He's mighty cute."
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