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Though the Mirror's Lense

So apparently Leonard’s come in contact with Deathstroke. Yeah. Yer heard me right. DEATHSTROKE. He's looking for that prissy superheroine known to the community as Supergirl. And he's basically seeking information.

Of course, being the shut in Cold has been lately, most of this has flown over his head and he's basically asking us for cooperation.

Now, normally I wouldn't even bother. Nor would the rest of us. We try not t' associate with "outsiders" much. (It helps cut back on unhindged drama yeh see.) But considering' Cold's put in the request, and he's basically "Leader" we cooperate.

Cold gives me the go ahead and I pull out a small handheld device that pretty much resembles a compact.

I hear a comment from Axel, who happens to be sitting on a crate blowin' bubblegum-- something along the lines of, "Gunna check yer makeup, Evan?"

I shoot him a dirty look and continue with my task.

Continuing to fuss with my device I pick up a reflection of Deathstroke. With ease my upper body is visible to him though yet another mirror.

Putting my arm through the compact, it appears to where Deathstroke is. My voice is as clear as a bell.

"This way." is all I need to say. I'm pretty sure he's smart enough to walk through the portal.
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