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Target: Supergirl! (Tag Supergirl)

I had the information I needed concerning my target. I knew precisely where to go in order to face her, and had all that I needed to keep her at bay. I had gone down Steeles Avenue, as instructed by one of the Rogues and had passed the florist's shop. Almost immediately, I sensed the presence of three people who had come and gone, though their auras would remain for just a bit longer.

Upon finding the precise building the three had been at, I stealthily made my way up the fire escape and soon enough stood at the top of the apartment building. I realized that I was correct-three people had been here: Supergirl, my intended target...Robin, the current Titan who I would deal with for deciding to leave Gotham, if only for a short while...Kid Flash, that speedster who dared to talk with Rose during the last encounter I had with the Titans...!

I would deal with Robin and Kid Flash soon enough. At the moment, I had bigger fish to fry. Preparing myself, and clenching my fists before relaxing them, I spoke so low that only three people and a dog would be able to hear me, despite the great distance that engulfed us all.

"Supergirl...come and face me, alone, if you dare!"

I was ready...The question is, was she?
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