lil_speed_demon (lil_speed_demon) wrote in keystone_city,

Keystone, Meet Laelia

I believe I like this city.

I've been walking around for a little bit, trying to see if it would make a good home (since I can't keep living with my father's old friend). It seems like a wonderful place.

Better than the stories I've heard about places like Gotham.

However, I keep getting lost and going in circles. I don't want to use the ring or my speed for fear of being ostracized. I am not stupid enough to have not realized that people on this planet do not have gifts like that of my people.

Though, those that do are either "heroes", "villains", or in hiding. Even some Terrans without gifts are heroes or villains, I have heard. That they are so well trained that they can do things that no one else can.

I look around as I realize my thoughts have gotten ahold of me again.


I'm lost again.
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